The Real Story Behind Military Coins

To some people, particularly the civilians, the origin of the military coins is something that is not clear or something that they do not care about at all. On the other hand, people in the military and some individuals who truly care about the society understand the real value and meaning of these coins. For this reason, these people treasure challenge military coins as they symbolize bravery, goodwill, pride and honor.

The history of these military challenge coins began during World War I. These coins are believed to have been used for the first time in the United States Army Air Service, which is popularly known as the United States Air Force today. During the First World War, there was a rich squadron pilot who had gold plated bronze coins, which had the insignia of their unit. This pilot experienced a special bond with the other members of the squadron. He distributed his coins to them as a token of all the times they spent together while in mission. These gold plated coins are rumored to be a bit pricey.

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One of the squadron pilots who received the coins kept the items in his leather pouch that he wore around his neck. Unluckily, during one of their missions, the plane of the pilot had many damages that he landed it behind enemy lines. The pilot was captured but he was able to escape during confusion due to the bombing of the British army. He managed to reach France but he was still captured there by a French patrol that sought out spies. He was ordered to be executed, but out of his despair, he took the coins out and presented them before the group of French soldiers. At once, he was recognized as an American soldier because of the elements seen on the coins.

This story is believed to be the beginning of the tradition of using the military coins. The only thing that is certain is the fact that these items symbolize the genuine service provided by selfless men and women in the military. They are willing to protect the freedom of the country at all cost even if it means losing their lives. These military challenge coins represent the exceptional acts of bravery and unselfish deeds. They are an emblem of pride, unity and honor of the brave soldiers who defend the country.

While it is true that most civilians do not know the story and significance behind the military coins, every member of the military completely understands everything about this type of coins. People in the military understand the past and even the of military challenge coins. These coins are extremely essential in the life of every member of the military regardless of the branch in which he or she belongs. They are used in all branches of the military, which include the Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force. The Coast Guard also use these coins these days. The military challenge coins provide not only a sense of belonging but also pride and honor to every member of the military.

Military coins come in various shapes, sizes, styles and designs. They can also include the logo of the unit or branch in which they are made for. They are also made from various types of metal such as nickel, brass, silver, bronze and gold. The commanding officer is usually the person who awards these coins to outstanding members of the military. The military challenge coins represent the bravery of soldiers who go to risky missions in order to safeguard the liberty of the country. These military coins are a meaningful way to appreciate the ultimate sacrifice done by these selfless and brave soldiers. They are an excellent way to acknowledge the accomplishments made by military members who have done exceptional acts.

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These military coins are a meaningful way to appreciate the ultimate sacrifice done by these selfless and brave soldiers.